Painted in Oils on a stretched canvas in various size options. These portraits are full of colour and life. They are more expressive and artistic than a photo and really bring out the character of your beloved pet.





Consider the options and sizes below and fill out the order form including any details. If you can give me any details on what you would like and i will respond as soon as possible.


I will email you direct so you can send through your photos. If you can provide at least 3. I can then confirm size, timeframe, chosen photo, background imagery or colours. Once your happy for me to go ahead i will send an invoice through for payment.



I do my part now and get painting. I may send a photo along the way but usually prefer you to see the finished product.


If you’re ordering as a gift for someone special why not consider a gift voucher.


Listed here are some standard canvas sizes but other sizes can be ordered by request. 

The following table is guide only. 

10 x 12” (3/4” edge) – $250

10 x 12” (1.25″ edge) – $250

These are suitable for 1 dog head shot only and have a plain background. They come in 2 thicknesses, plain or painted edges which can be hung framed or unframed.

(10 x 12″ = 25.4 x 30.48cm)


16″ x 20″ (1.25″ edge) – $550+ $100 each extra pet 

18″ x 24″ (1.25″ edge) – $700 + $150 each extra pet

24″ x 30″ (1.25″ edge) – $1050 + $200 each extra pet

These can include a simple background of scenery or foliage, 1 or more dogs (whole body shot), plain or painted edges which can be hung framed or unframed. 

 (16″ x 20″ = 40.64 x 50.8 cm) (18″ x 24″ = 45.72 x 60.96 cm) ( 24″ x 30″ = 60.96 x 76.2)

  • Extra costs may apply for more complicated details and backgrounds.
  • Price will be confirmed when a full picture is available at time of order.
  • Postage including tracking and insurance is extra.
  • Currently i am not offering framing. The canvas i use is suitable to be hung unframed and will be provided ready to hang.
  • Pet portraits and art purchases are currently available to Australian residents only.

Please note: The commissioned pet portraits definitely will look like your pets but are not done in a photo realism style. 


Choosing photos

When placing your order its helpful provide 3 quality photographs indicating which is your favourite. Providing 3 gives me the ability to choose the one best suited but also gives me a better idea of your pets character and features. Its also great if you can tell me a little about your pet so i can do my best to capture a little of their personality.


Payment & Cancellation policy.

50% deposit is due prior to work commencing (for pieces over $300) with remainder due on completion. Full amount is due prior to work commencing if cost is under $300. It is possible to cancel your order prior to work commencing with a full refund. Please when ordering, take some time looking at my many other works to get an idea of my style. Providing the go ahead on a portrait is based on the idea that you are familiar with my work and as an artist i will provide you with a piece that i feel is the best representation. In the event your painting is completed and you are unhappy with the result and you wish to return the completed painting please discuss with the artist your reasons as it may be possible to alter some elements. In the event you are still wishing to cancel 20% of your cost will be returned to you with 80% kept by the artist along with the painting.



Custom pet portraits are painted from a photograph. The quality of the photo is important to be able to see the features, details and character of your pet.
When taking a photo of your pet consider what image you are trying to achieve. Would you like them sitting, laying down, walking, running, looking at the camera or off to the side. When using a phone or camera it often is a good idea to get down to their level. Natural light is important, try going outside for your photos. If the animal is still and there is good light you can get a good photo on a fairly standard setting but one trick i often use is to put a camera on auto and turn the flash on, even on a sunny day and this will light up their faces and show the detail. Give it a try!

Another thing to consider is the background. If you are keen on some foliage, scenery or would like them sitting on a chair or cushion keep this in mind when taking your photo. A photo mock up can be created for you from two separate images if this is required. This is not always ideal as shadows and light can vary somewhat but is handy in cases where we may be using older photos or if a pet has passed. It may be possible for me to personally take the photos for you for a small fee, please contact me to discuss if this is an option.


Time frame

Time taken to produce is often dependent on workload at the time. Often paintings will be completed in a matter of only a couple of weeks. A clearer timeframe will be discussed at time of ordering.

Oil paints can take some time to dry. When the painting is complete it will take approximately 3 to 6 weeks to dry dependant on the thickness of the paint, the colours used in the painting and weather conditions. The oiling out process can take a further 3 to 6 weeks. Unfortunately drying time is not something that can be rushed along, we just have to be patient.


Products used

I prefer to use oil paints and when the painting is completed and dry i like to oil out the surface. This process brings out a depth of colour and evens out the gloss of the surface without discolouring the paints. I like to use a quality pre stretched, triple coated canvas, my preference is for a gallery canvas with a 1.25″ depth especially on the larger sizes. These can be hung with raw or painted edges but can be framed if preferred. A float or floater frame is a great option for these deeper canvasses. A more traditional frame can be used but must be a deeper one. If a more traditional framing style is preferred a .75″ canvas can be used on request.

Order your painting

Gift Vouchers

If you are planning on giving a portrait as a gift and your timeframe is short it is often a great idea to consider a voucher. Paintings don’t always dry perfectly to schedule. This can also be an ideal way for the gift recipient to be a part of the process and choose an image they have a connection to.

Please note: shipping would be extra.

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