From a very young age i have had a love for the creative arts. I studied and worked as a designer/dressmaker for 10 years then went back to study to achieve an advanced diploma in graphic arts, and design. This was where i was re introduced to art. Life drawing, painting, sketching photography and printmaking, i loved it all. I have been working as a graphic and website designer now for around 18 years.  

My painting technique has been developing over the years and more intensely the last few. I have been focusing on the style and subjects i am currently creating. Being partially self taught has been a real positive in the evolution of my work. Developing my own style through trial and error, my pieces have a certain individuality. I have always strived for my work to be unique and exciting. They have a real energy and depth to them. 

I have always had an affection for animals and try to capture the emotion and character.
All my pieces are based on photographs i have taken myself locally and on my travels.

I choose to use oil paints for their colour vibrancy and texture but also for their slower drying time, allowing me to continue to work the image. Backgrounds are sometimes simplified or out of focus, similar to that of a portrait photo. This allows the more detailed foreground images to jump off the surface. 

My influences in art come from many sources. I have a great love for the impressionists portraits, street scenes and landscapes and the english masters with those beautiful images of foxhounds, springer spaniels and red setters running through the reeds and grassy fields. I am excited about mid century styling and love the retro colours of the 50,s 60’s & 70’s. My pet portraits and wildlife paintings have become a mix of all these with my own style.

Why pet portraits? 

I have always had an affection for animals and my husband and i have two very special dogs sharing our lives.

After the loss of our first dog at 17 i realised even more how precious and short their lives are and the roles we play in their happiness.

I started painting dogs when a family dog was very sick with cancer and would not be with us much longer. Although it was hard to look at for a short time after her passing it very quickly became something that gave us all the feeling that she was still present. I soon realised my love of art could be much more than painting a pretty picture.

It can be a very emotional process painting pets especially, capturing their emotion and character. Animals are just amazing, they never judge you or bring you down, they just love you unconditionally.