I have two options available for pet portraits. Oil Paintings on Stretched canvas or Charcoal drawings on paper. 
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I have always had an affection for animals and my husband and i have two very special dogs sharing our lives.

After the loss of our first dog at 17 i realised even more how precious and short their lives are and the roles we play in their happiness.

I started painting dogs when a family dog was very sick with cancer and would not be with us much longer. Although it was hard to look at for a short time after her passing it very quickly became something that gave us all the feeling that she was still present. I soon realised my love of art could be much more than painting a pretty picture.

It can be a very emotional process painting pets especially, capturing their emotion and character. Animals are just amazing, they never judge you or bring you down, they just love you unconditionally.

Pictured here with my Kookaburra and Cocker Spaniel paintings at a local exhibition.


Pet portraits & Wildlife art



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Speechless. Amazing.
So realistic.
The whole family love it.
Happy tears!


Oh, its gorgeous!
It’s really captured their characters.
It would be great to have it exhibited in the gallery for a while it is so lovely.


It looks even better than the photo you sent me.
Thank you so much.
I love it!!


It looks just like him.
He is such a comical little dog with the sweetest eyes.
It looks really good!


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Pet Portraits & Wildlife Art

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